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Welcome to SN Blog!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Welcome and thank you for showing an interest in Sweet Nectar's Blog! This is a first for me and I am so excited to share this experience with you. Sweet Nectar creates lactation treats (cookies/granola) AND offers nutrition consultation.

As a mom, dietitian and now new blogger, I plan to write about nutrition, breastfeeding/lactation, pregnancy, wellness, motherhood and my experience on feeding a toddler feeding. Recipes, resources and recommendations from myself, other professionals in the field and local resources will also be included. Plus, you will also find posts about new happenings with Sweet Nectar.

After months of testing recipes and mailing out applications, my new business is out in the open for all to see... and taste! This picture is from the first day my business debuted at the farmer's market in Juanita. It was definitely a proud momma moment for me, especially with my family there to offer support. Sweet Nectar, inspired by my personal struggles with breastfeeding, is really my loving support to all new moms out there feeding their babies. I hope that is what you find in all my products, consultations, and blog.

It is so interesting to see how life's challenges provides us opportunities for growth. I'd love to hear more about your challenges and how you've turned them into positive opportunities, that is, if you feel like sharing, which I hope you do! I look forward to connecting with you through this blog and hopefully in person! :)

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