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Miss Isabel "Izzy" was born happy, healthy and hand first on April 23rd. I have a feeling this girl is going to be the funny one of the family.

Isabel Skye: 7lbs 3 oz 20in

To back up the story a bit, our little one was taking a bit longer to grace us with her presence. So an induction was scheduled for the 23rd. The evening before I went on a nice long walk with my family to see if we could get things going naturally. Although that didn't work out - I at least got a nice walk in before delivery! I did a few jump squats on our walk and teased my husband saying how funny it would be if she just popped her hand out to say hello! Well to our surprise, that is exactly what she did! Izzy decided to come out hand first and I had to have a C-Section.

My first major surgery I felt oddly calm about the whole procedure. The anesthesia made me very cold and gave me the shakes, but otherwise things went well. No complications.

After anesthesia wore off, I was definitely in a world of hurt. Out of fear of creating any issues with breastfeeding, I opted to avoid the oxycodone and stuck with Tylenol/Advil combo for pain management. It was the best decision I made. Oxycodone is safe for women to take while breastfeeding, it does make babies a bit more sleepy. For me, I was lucky that Tylenol and Advil were enough for me to cope with the pain and I refused to let anything get in the way of breastfeeding.

Snuggling after surgery. Evergreen does a wonderful job making us mamas get skin to skin time during surgery while the docs were playing operation with my insides.

Oddly enough, the following few days at the hospital were simultaneously uncomfortable and relaxing all at the same time. My mother was at home taking care of Amelia while I was at the hospital focusing on my recovery and soaking in all the new baby smells.

I was surprised at how foreign breastfeeding was to me, especially since it was my second time. I had to relearn all the different holding positions. My husband was an amazing assist with breastfeeding. He was able to adjust me in just the right ways to get comfortable with each feed. Pillows were such a huge help - I swear by them!

Latching was my main concern, as Izzy's mouth wasn't opening wide enough. I met with several of the hospital's lactation consultants during my stay. This time around I was not shy about asking to see one before feeding Izzy. Each consultant offered different suggestions. I continued to request new lactation consultants until we finally found one who solved the puzzle. I think that is the major takeaway, finding the right person who understands your concerns, takes into account your experiences, respects your decisions and is still able to provide the solution you need. I am so grateful to all the wonderful lactation consultants at Evergreen for supporting my breastfeeding goals. Breastfeeding takes time and patience... and lots of pillows.

This experience was definitely not what I expected, but then again childbirth never goes the way you plan it. We are so happy to have Izzy in our lives. Its funny, they say you just grow more love for the next one - and it is true. I am just surprised at how much love I have for this new little one. The heart knows no limits when it comes to love.

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