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Big News: My Silence is Over!

Today is the first snow day of 2019 in the Kirkland area. I love snow days so much, they are meant to be with family, snuggled under a cozy blanket with some type of hot beverage in hand. I thought it would be the perfect time to update the website a bit.

I found out in September that our family is getting bigger. I am pregnant again, due in April, and we are expecting another girl. I've never had a sister growing up; I am excited that my daughter is going to be a big sister. Hopefully they will be each other's best friend. Currently I am 30 weeks pregnant and definitely getting larger each week. I wanted to give you a quick insight into my pregnancy. I refer to some products and services that I use in my personal life. I am not getting paid for mentioning any of these items - I just thought it might be some useful insight.

About 10 weeks, when I told my daughter she was going to be a big sister.

My first trimester was much harder on me this time around than with the first. They say each pregnancy is different, and that is definitely the case right now. Everything from energy levels to cravings have been completely different with this pregnancy. I definitely was craving a lot more fast food and sweets this time - which surprised me... and my husband! My goal with food was to eat what I could and aim for at least a vegetable a day. I knew once I got past the first trimester things would get easier. Also, I had a harder time with nausea, especially after taking my vitamins. I usually take Rainbow Light Prenatal One, but it was too hard on my stomach; so about halfway through the first trimester I switched to Smarty Pants Prenatal Complete Daily Gummy Vitamins. I usually don't opt for the gummy vitamins, but something is better than nothing. But do note - gummies don't normally include iron, so make sure if you are relying on a gummy vitamin, to get a regular source of iron in your diet (like animal proteins or a food fortified with iron) or to take a supplement (although I find the supplements to be pretty tough on tummies). Another vitamin switch I made was my omega-3/fish oil supplement. Normally I take these, but that was not happening at all this first trimester, so I switched to Barleans Seriously Delicious High Potency Fish Oil Key Lime Pie. I've had the Lemon Creme in the past, both I think taste pretty yummy!

I ate a LOT of pomegranate my first trimester; almost one a day for at least two weeks. It was delicious... and expensive.

Another key factor in surviving my first trimester was that I signed up for a high intensity workout program before I knew I was pregnant. For those of you in the area it was called Body Back by FIT4MOM - I highly recommend this program, but maybe not the best fit if you already know you are pregnant! It is so important to stay active during pregnancy, especially the first trimester when weight gain is generally not recommended. It was not easy. My energy levels were already tanked, especially trying to keep up with an active toddler! Twice a week I would get up about 4:45 AM to join a wonderful group of ladies and sweat my butt off. It was difficult, but totally worth it. Best part was that I had maintained and improved my muscle strength into the second trimester. When I wasn't doing a HIIT session, I would try to go to my local yoga studio to stay active. This worked for me, but if it doesn't work for you that is OK! Activity is key - however you can get it at any stage in your life, even a 20 minute brisk walk can do wonders for you and baby.

Now that it is getting closer to my due date and things are starting to settle down a bit, I hope to keep you posted on my progress until birth and our new family dynamic. I plan to breastfeed our new baby girl for as long as I can, hopefully at least 6 months, although I would love to make it through the first year! We shall see what the future holds. As always, I will be honest and truthful about all of my experiences: nutrition, breastfeeding, family life, physical activity and mental sanity! Stay tuned! :)

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