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Thank you for wanting to learn more about Sweet Nectar.  My name is Elaine, I'm a dietitian and mom-trepreneur.  I created Sweet Nectar as a result from my own struggles to produce breastmilk and the lack of lactation recipes with wholesome ingredients.  As a new mommy I wanted the very best nutrition for my baby and myself.  I took matters into my own hands and experimented with recipe ideas. My goal: create a product made with nutritious ingredients to support lactation.  Additionally, it had to be dairy, gluten and soy free to ease my little one's digestion and for my own health needs. 

Thus, Sweet Nectar was born.  


Sweet Nectar's Roots

Before SN was ever imagined, I spent my time dedicated to helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle through nutrition as a Registered Dietitian.  

Sweet Nectar's Beginnings

Find out more details about Sweet Nectar's birth story. 

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